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When we hear or think about body spa, the name comes to mind first: Thai massage or spa. It is the most common and popular spa all over the world. Thai spa is also called Thai Yoga Massage. It is quite different from standard Swedish and deep-tissue massage.

For starters, people can keep their clothes on. Secondly, Thai massage involves a huge variety of moves and strategies that resemble almost a dance between the partner and practitioner.

In Bangladesh Spa is a common term among the people. They love to take different types of massage to refresh themselves. Amon all the massages Thai massage is most popular in Bangladesh.

Origins of Thai Massage

The origins of Thai massage date back to over 2,500 years ago, when Shivago Komarpaj, Buddha’s physician, implemented the rub down into medicinal practices. As Buddhism became distinguished in Thailand, so did the massage. Many also see the massage method as a blend of numerous Asian medicinal traditions as it stocks commonplace values with other Asian methods of recovery.

Techniques of Thai Massage

Performed on the floor or on a firm mat, a typical Thai massage session lasts around 90 minutes. Practitioners use their entire bodies, including their hands, elbows, feet, and knees to stand, kneel, or walk on the recipient and create deep pressure. It is a therapeutic massage. 

Unlike Swedish massage, oils are not used during Thai massage. Clients usually begin lying on their back with their face up, while the therapist starts massaging the feet and continues to move up the legs, “applying pressure with a rhythmic, rocking motion using the palms of their hands and thumbs,” says Sarah Seely, RYT, CST, CTYMT, a Somatic healer, Thai massage therapist, teacher and founder of Thai Brooklyn.

Next, the client is guided into a series of stretches targeting the legs, hips, and lower back.

“Thai massage has been called the ‘lazy man’s yoga’ because as a recipient, you need only relax and allow the practitioner to take over moving your body for you,” says Seely. “At most, your participation will be to breathe on certain cues to help deepen into stretches.”

 A skilled therapist will be able to adjust how much pressure is being offered during a session. “Be sure to let them know ahead of time how much pressure you prefer and speak up if you are at all uncomfortable during your session”.

Benefits of Traditional Thai Massage

A Thai Yoga Massage is a form of healing massage that usually falls within the category of complementary and opportunity medicines. If you take a regular 3-week-period or four-week-period massage session you will feel better mentally and physically.

It is a deeply relaxing, tension-relieving exercise of conscious motion that helps grow an individual’s range of motion and encourages flexibility via its unique blend of assisted stretching, yoga, breathwork, and rub down. It works as Thai medicine. It works with alternative medicines. 

In step with Seely, the Thai rub down is famous among athletes and sports fans as a recuperation approach. Whilst maximum of the studies are small, a few technological know-how-subsidized fitness advantages consist of

  1. Stress Reduction
  2. Lowered Anxiety
  3. Headache Relief
  4. Improves Immune System
  5. Improved Circulation
  6. Reduce Pain

Who should not get a Thai massage?

Thai rubdown isn’t recommended for pregnant women in their first trimester. Beyond the first semester, expectant moms need to discuss with a doctor and talk to their Thai rub-down practitioner to make certain a session is safe. there are many short-term-effect of this massage. 

Maximum professionals agree that Thai massage can also exacerbate sure fitness issues. Every person coping with the subsequent conditions ought to keep away from Thai rub down and similarly styled bodywork:

If you have any fitness worries and are not sure if Thai rubdown is suitable for you, check with your doctor.

Is Traditional Thai massage Available In Bangladesh?

Nowadays spa or massage is a common term among Bangladeshi men and women. They love to take different types of massage to increase their flow of energy. Traditional Thai massage, Swedish massage, Aromatherapy massage, Deep-tissue massage, Hot oil massage, and Foot massage are the common and popular spas available in Bangladesh. Among them, Thai massage is the most available.

Most of the spa centres of Bangladesh are in Dhaka, Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar and Sylhet. They proved the traditional Thai massage. Massage practitioners offer to visit them to try the Thai massage with their expert massage therapist. People often love to take a spa when they are enjoying their vacation or they are too tired from their busy life. Dhaka is the capital city of Bangladesh. Most working people are living here. So most of the spa centres are available in Dhaka. And all of them have Licensed Massage Therapist who knows all techniques of natural massage.

Bliss Spa BD is one of the best spa centres in Dhaka for Traditional Thai massage. They provide all kinds of body spas and hair spas for both men and women. Their Traditional Thai massage is very popular in Dhaka. They claim that their Thai massage session will give the best result. It reduces any kind of joint pain, head, shoulder and back pain. It will work as Chinese medicine. Apart from that, they offer many more services to their customer. If you are in Dhaka and searching for the best spa then visit Bliss Spa BD and enjoy their exclusive services at a low cost.

Final Thought

Thai massage has been used for the duration of Asia for hundreds of years, and it’s far now famous in many Western international locations. This massage technique may additionally help treat a huge range of psychological and physical ailments, which includes stress and continual ache, and it’s miles frequently used for rehabilitation and healing after harm or positive ailments.

Thai massage is continually performed clothed, on a massage table, or the floor. Recipients are guided via a series of yoga-like stretches, in addition to a mixture of belly paintings, breath cues, deep tissue massage, and the application of stress to the entire body.

If you are a Bangladeshi, and love to take Traditional Thai massage you don’t need to go to Thailand or anywhere to take this. You can enjoy this massage in your own country.

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