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Dhaka, Bangladesh, is home to one of the most famous spas in the world – Bliss Spa BD. The spa offers top-tier treatment options, including massages, facials, and body treatments. The spa is open to the public from 9 am to 10 pm daily and features a wide range of services. Bliss Spa BD is a member of the World Spa Awards. The spa has received multiple accolades, including the “Best Massage in Dhaka” from Asia and the “Best Hair Salon (Spa) in Bangladesh” from DHL. Let’s see why Bliss Spa BD provides the best spa service in Dhaka city.

Luxury Spa Service in Dhaka- Find Bliss Spa BD For All Your Needs

The spa is open to the public from 9 am to 10 pm every day and features a wide range of services to choose from. The spa is a member of the World Spa Awards, which recognizes and rewards excellence in spas worldwide. Bliss Spa has a wide range of services available for customers’ needs. It has a pleasant environment along with hotel features property and top-class services within Dhaka city.

What is the location of Bliss Spa BD?

It is one of the best spas in Dhaka, situated in Gulshan 2. For more specific details, the address is House#35/D Rd 7, Dhaka 1213, Bangladesh.

What Services Are Offered at Bliss Spa BD?

If you are looking for one of the best spa service in Dhaka, then you must visit Bliss Spa BD. They have a wide range of spas and choices of massage to ensure you a perfect oasis of calm. Here are some noteworthy services;

Aroma Massage:

Massage is an ancient and well-known form of treatment. Massage is not a body massage, but it is a therapeutic massage with different techniques like kneading, pressure, rolling, kneading, and rubbing. An aromatherapy massage is one of them. This healing massage process starts with a good mixture of aroma and a pleasant environment. Then you will receive a relaxing aromatic oil massage. It will clear all the negative vibes from you along with any kinds of fatigue. Be sure to check it out here.

Thai Spa:

This traditional massage is renowned worldwide. So they didn’t miss this therapy. This energizing massage ensures a healthy and soothing spa experience.

Hot Stone Massage:

This traditional massage consists of some ancient stones to heal your inner body. These special stones are made warm. Then, these stones are used on your body at some specific points, and you will enjoy a deep tissue massage along with it. 

Facial Spa:

Are you suffering from depression to skin conditions? Are you having issues with dead skin cells, acne-damaged skin, dull surface skin, or dull skin cells? Bliss has the solution for you. Their special facial spa works in the deeper skin layer and makes your skin smooth, just like new.

Foot Massage & Pedicure:

Bliss also provides energy point foot massage and pedicure or manicure services.


Exceptional Services:

They also provide some special massages and services. These services are pretty costly yet value for money. I have given the link to all their packages here. Be sure to check them out.

Benefits Of Spa Services 

A good spa can make your whole day joyous. A good spa can bring out all e negativity from your body and make you feel pampered for the whole day. Recently, the spa is becoming more and more popular all around the world for its good results and comfort. Even it is now becoming a daily routine for some people. To get a comfortable lag free body, there is no alternative to body massage. A combination of massage is beneficial for health and the body. So, having a spa evening is not a bad idea. 

What Travelers Are Saying

For the past few years, Bliss has gained big renounce from travelers all around the world for their excellence in service. Many travelers have praised their exceptional customer service. 

Final Verdict

In conclusion, Bliss Spa BD provides a top-quality spa service in Dhaka. The spa is perfect for anyone looking for a relaxing and pampering experience. Whether you’re looking to take a break from the hustle and bustle or want to enjoy some intense treatment and special services, Bliss Spa BD has you covered!

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